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About Wholistic Paws
We strongly believe that dogs and cats should be eating ONLY "species appropriate diet" - which means MEAT! Your fluffy puppies and kittens are cute on the outside but deep inside they are wild animals. Mother Nature did not "program" them to eat corn, wheat flour, molasses, sugars, canola oil and all other junk that is currently present in pet food. Highly processed foods such as kibble, plastic chews, artificially colored and flavored rawhides, cookies, and biscuits were not in Mother Nature's plans as well. These foods were created for people and not for their pets. The Pet food industry is a multi-billion dollar business. They know how to sell their products to consumers!

So why we decided to think outside of the box? Because for years we have been getting frustrated with the health of our own dogs and cats. We could not catch up with vet bills. While we were bringing our pets to the vets more often, their health was getting worse and worse. Only until we went "back to basics" we saw the difference. We started to feed raw food, raw bones, only human grade treats, chews and super potent supplements. In amazement we saw how our 15 year old cats bounced back to health, how our very sick Cocker Spaniel and our rescue Boxer were thriving and getting better each day. Allergies, anal glands, ear infections, bad breath, shedding disappear... literally. But we had a hard time locating the food that was good enough for our pets. We were looking for hormone, steroid-free, human grade, USA made, limited ingredients fods, treats and chews and could not find it. And this is how our first retail store was born, then the second store and then the third one.

With much Love and Appreciation,

Karl & Katrina